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Cryptomnesia (feat. Skinnyfabs) oleh JVSAN

JVSAN - Cryptomnesia (feat. Skinnyfabs)

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Judul Cryptomnesia (feat. Skinnyfabs)
Genre Indonesia
Dirilis 2019
Durasi 02:00
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

Lirik Lagu Cryptomnesia (feat. Skinnyfabs)

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Its the study of the ways things are True or False
Something are possibly Truth
Some are necessarily Truth
Some used to be Truth
Some will be Truth
And some are True on this planet
But not necessarily of others
There is no Good in that
Because the Truth is Relative
And even if the Truth is what you called Relative
Good and Bad are not Relative
Your mistake is that you are assuming
That because something is True
That it is Good

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